Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Movember 2014 is nearly upon us

Movember creeps up on us like a moustache growing in its infancy; slow at first, then BAM there it is in all of its fu manchu glory.  2 weeks to go!  Time to get your team set, and start thinking about what you'll do to contribute to this fine cause.

For now, you can either join the Midwest Moustache Alliance as an individual team member, or get your business, school, family, or team involved and join the Midwest Moustache Alliance network as a group to promote friendly competition with other groups.

Spark a conversation, see a doctor, raise a few dollars, grow a moustache, fight cancer and mental illness.  You know you want to.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Health Night 2013

2012 Men's Health Night attendees and supporters.

Registration is now live for the second annual Men's Health Night - brought to you by the Movember team, Midwest Moustache Alliance.

This free event is limited to the first 60 individuals.

The evening will kick off at 6:00pm with complimentary food and drink at the Jefferson Grill in Kirkwood, MO.  An internist as well as a sports medicine doctor will address a few issues critical to men's health, and answer all your questions about staying healthy and fit.  There will be plenty of cool swag, raffles, and prizes.  Join us for a fun informal event, help us fight against prostate and testicular cancer, and have a chance to score great giveaways.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Shaving Hardware

Many misinformed folks think that growing a moustache is all about growing.  But in reality, it is equally, if not moreso, about shaving.  Without the shaving aspect, you just end up with a beard.  And let's face it, that can simply happen out of sheer laziness.  Growing a mean moustache is not a lazy man's game.
I believe that if you are going to take the time to shave, you may as well do it right.  This means having the right soft-goods and hardware.  Specifically, I'm going to address the shaving bowl today.   Sure, you can lather on a puck of hard soap, or apply a nice shaving cream directly to the brush and your face.  However, you can absolutely never go wrong with a great bowl. Foolproof lathering!
I acquired an awesome bowl recently, and it was from a Movember supporter, no less.  For the month of Movember, Leslie at The Mud Place is offering discounts on her awesome pottery when you use the code MOVEMBER.
Here's the bowl I just received.  You can see how substantial it is relative to the Mekur 34C razor, and the largest shaving brush in my collection, the Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger.  This is a substantial mug with excellent attention to detail.

I've got my eye on one of those great looking scuttles next. The Big Daddy is a thing of beauty!

Show some love for this Mo Sista!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Pretty Smooth ... For a Moustache

A fellow MoBro is the proprietor at the Smoothie King location in downtown St. Louis (Tucker and Pine).  And we highly recommend you check it out for another winning situation brought to you by the generosity of Movember supporters and friends of the Midwest Moustache Alliance.

For the month of Movember, $1 from each special MMA Smoothie will go directly to our favorite facial-hair-friendly cancer-fighting cause.  If you're in the neighborhood, swing by for a delicious and healthful alternative to your traditional lunch/dinner fare.
Fight the good fight!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Runners Dig the 'Stache

Darn right they do.

And today's blog post is brought to you by RunFanShop.  Ben Rosario - friend, fellow runner, supporter of Movember, and owner of RunFanShop - has generously decided to donate a portion of proceeds from the RUNNERS DIG THE 'STACHE shirts to the Midwest Moustache Alliance.  This is as win-win-win as it gets.

1. Get a unique shirt that will make your friends jealous.  Better yet, score a few as Christmas gifts for the runners in your life that already have everything.
2. Support a great business that loves running as much as you do. Maybe more!
3. Help the Midwest Moustache Alliance fight cancer.  You DO hate cancer, right?

Thanks, everybody.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Shave the Date

I hope you all remembered to "Shave the Date."  Moustache growth begins today.  And with it comes the foray into fighting cancer with folicular face foliage.  The responsibility isn't one you should take lightly. 
You see, with great upper lip whiskers comes great responsibility.  The responsibility to look clean-shaven people square in the eye and explain to them that you prefer cancer-free prostates and testicles to the other leading brand.  To declare that you will no longer stand idly by with a clean upper lip while so many men leave health risks unmitigated, undiagnosed, and undiscussed.  To state with conviction your belief that only with open conversations about your health with your doctors and regular check-ups can we battle the reality that is 1 in 6 men being affected by prostate cancer in their lifetimes.  Grow your moustache proudly.  Fight the good fight.